Who is Talk Fusion?

You could say Talk Fusion is a Global Leader in cutting-edge Video Communications and you’d be right. You could say that Talk Fusion is true relationship marketing; we bypass traditional advertising and run directly on the power of people talking to people. You could also say Talk Fusion gives back to local communities worldwide and actively supports important animal causes. You’d be right again.

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CONNECTing the World

Talk Fusion CONNECT, our patent-pending 3-in-1 video product, brings the world together through Live Broadcasting, Video Conferencing and Desktop Share. CONNECT takes full advantage of WebRTC, the latest smoking hot internet technology for real-time communication. Meet with anyone, anywhere; all you need is a web browser and camera. It’s an amazing value that no one else can touch.

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Real People, Real Results

Our growing team of global Independent Associates knows how to Talk the Talk (Fusion). They don’t have to “walk the walk,” though, because many of them are driving a new Mercedes-Benz, courtesy of Talk Fusion.

Add that to Instant Pay and the twice yearly Hawaiian Dream Getaway, and you can see how Talk Fusion is changing lives. Aloha, anyone?

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